About me

I have 14 years DJ’ing experience (as of April 2014). Most of my work during this time has come from word-of-mouth referrals.

Wedding First Dance Music

When I talk to clients about their wedding, the come to realise that the DJ does a lot more than the music. But the music is what I love, it's at the root of my service and it's what I'm most passionate about.
I work closely with my clients to deliver a personalised service. Most of my bookings are weddings.

Adam Loves Tea
I love tea

I always meet with my brides and grooms. I don’t charge extra for this - but it will probably cost you a cup of tea.

Degree Professional Sound

I am proud to hold a degree in Professional Sound Technology from the University of Salford. I now focus solely on DJ'ing Full time, but I have in the past worked as a Sound Engineer for Touring Bands and Tribute Acts.


Here goes...I'm based in Manchester I am familiar with many of the North-west’s leading wedding venues. But I can, and do, travel far outside the North-West region.

My service wouldn't be complete without great sound and lighting, I carry all my own sound and lighting. I've upgraded it piece by piece and I'm really happy with it. Essentially it allows me the control I need to do my job. Whether that's raising the lights for a 'spotlight moment' or dimming the music down, but retaining clarity, for the perfect amount of presence.

I love this job it's a real honour each time I'm chosen to play at someone's wedding. I hopefully give them peace of mind from the moment they book until the end of the night. Carefully considering all the things I've picked up from our first chat, to parts of the speeches, and all the notes made in between. There are many skilled suppliers each with their own ideas and ways of doing things, some which I really like but aren't for me, and some which I disagree with entirely. If you would like to have a chat about your wedding would you like to Check Your Date now?

Pro Mobile Conference 2014 in Oxford. A great experience. Lot's of great ideas shared.

10662913_333418643488248_835760994_o Training Workshop in Preston with Derek Pengelly former NADJ chairman.

10392516_1471428583121763_5540196881822429570_n Another Wedding Workshop in Birmingham. I'm not smiling, it was a long but fun two days.

BPM 2013 at The NEC. I wore my Where's Wally T-Shirt because Mark Walsh say's that when time I'm wearing any kind of stripy T-Shirt. Great team of people.

2014 05 21 1540523_776871295667191_7283249344068680223_o
Short night in Middleton. Still a good night to attend and a few tips picked up.

Award's nights.

I've never been nominated or put myself forward but there's been some fun nights.


Robin Kershaw's selfie. I'm top left near the back. County Brides 2014 at Heaton House Farm.

2013 06 18 County Brides Awards
Me, DJ Andy Murphy and the wonderful guys from Hipswing; at the County Brides Wedding Awards 2013 at Crewe Hall. This photograph was taken by none other than Wedding Photographer David Stubbs.

2013-06-24 20.39.24
Me and Andy from the same night as above.


North-west wedding suplliers networking night at Great John Street. Organised by DJ Andy Murphy. Some great faces there. Andy's, Johnny Drapers, Sam Fittons, David Stubbs, Liam Crawleys and Sam Wings. Great picture by Andy Keher.


2011 11 08 JEN AND GREG's Wedding Laura White X-factor Kinmel Manor (Abergele)
Laura White (X-Factor) was so lively and professional, with a great voice, even on songs she'd learnt especially for, the bride, Jen. I Sound Engineered for her and DJ'd. She was a pleasure to work with and alongside.


Stephen T. Sanders toastmaster. I've worked with Steven many times.

2013 01 08 IRISH COM CARE LUCYS 80th Sometimes on a Tuesday afternoon I DJ for Irish Community Care. I absolutely love it. I can play a little or a lot of Irish Music at your event. Or none at all