First Dance

Whether you are looking forward to, or dreading, the first dance. Let's make it memorable. I like to gather everyone around the dancefloor for the unmissable moment.



Kirtsty, Jamie and I met at Kirsty's brothers bar in Halifax (Circle Lounge - very nice) to plan aspects of their evening reception. It's great meet face to face.
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Father and Daughter

There are many wedding formalities and you can pick and choose from them - it's your day. But we'll talk through them all and I'll share my ideas on what might work best for you. This dance is just one of your options....
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'Gear Shot'.

It's not about the equipment. But I like to be approachable and neat. That way it's easy to make request and I sometimes find out useful little nuggets of information from guests, these have led to some great moments.
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Thank you

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Here's what Claire and Rob put. More Feedback here or find me on Facebook.


Last Dance

We'll create a night that no one wants to end.


Get in touch now as I'd love to hear about your plans and ideas and hopefully share some of mine with you to make an unforgettable night.

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