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I'm a full time DJ. This allows me to be involved with a broad range of weddings each with different approaches and varying numbers in venues contrasting in style. I believe this keeps me continually challenged and sharpens my technique and musical knowledge.

I’ve taken most of these pictures, where I’ve not - they’re credited. My Facebook Business Page is updated more frequently with pictures, videos and more information.

Saturday 11th October 2014
Sarah and Conor's Wedding
Ashfield House (Standish)
Ashfield House Residence bar
Residents Bar. Conor, Me and Sarah.
Sarah and Conor
Last Dance
Last Dance

Saturday 4th October 2014
Kirsty and Andy's Wedding
Newburgh Priory (Yorkshire)
First Dance
First Dance
Newburgh Priory Father and Daughter Dance
Father and Daughter Dance - to Young Hearts Run Free

#Selfie with Kirsty 2014-10-04 21.38.57
Selfie with Kirsty

Saturday 27th September 2014
Nikki and Chris's Wedding
Hyde Bank Farm (Stockport)

Bride and Groom pictured, photobombed
Bride and Groom Selfie
First dance
Lights dimmed for 1st Dance.
Bride and Bridesmaid
Bride and Bridesmaid

Hi Adam, Following our wedding on 27th September this year - Chris and I are finally back to reality and wanted to drop you a quick message of thanks for being our DJ :) Fantastic service, professional and friendly. Couldn't of asked for more! Thanks again! Nikki and Chris Benali

Saturday 20th September 2014
Anna and Phil's Wedding
Willow Grove Farm (Tarporley)

First Dance
First Dance
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
Father and Daugther Dance
Father and Daughter Dance

Saturday 13th September 2014
Stacey and Chris'sWedding
Nutter's Restaurant (Rochdale)

1st dance - Subtly announced
Stacey and Chris didn't want a first dance - but their guests had other ideas. It was subtly announced and it worked out great.
Wedding Dance

Wednesday 10th September 2014
I was DJ'ing an event for L'Oreal for Dancefloor Couture
Hilton (Manchester)

Selfie at The Hilton 2014-09-10 17.43.08
#Selfie - Because I'm worth it.

Saturday 6th September 2014
Kayleigh and Dave's Wedding



Friday 5th September 2014
Lisa and Rob's Wedding
The Bells of Peover (Knutsford)
Great couple Lisa and Rob
Happy Together. Lisa and Rob were awesome.
Setting up.
Selfie with Lisa. I was setting up - I didn't wear T-Shirt and Jeans to their wedding.
Welcoming wedding guests
Quick shot I took of Lisa welcoming the evening wedding guests

Saturday 30th August 2014
Barbara and Kevan's Wedding
Bolton Art School (Bolton)
First Dance after Grand Entrance
1st Dance
Love love love
Spinning you can tell how fast from the veil and hair.
Fantastic looking venue.

Friday 29th August 2014
Tina and Stuart's Wedding
Windy Harbour Farm (Glossop)

Weddding Cake Cutting
Cake cutting.
Best Man, Groom and me - all matching, unplanned
Best Man, Groom and me - all matching, unplanned.
Dave's head
That is the back of Dave's head. His and Helen's wedding a few years earlier is still talked about.

Sunday 24th August 2014
April and Tony's Wedding
Cornerhouse Cinema (Manchester)
Mother of the bride looking on.
April's mum in background. 1st Dance
First dance
Wedding Dance
Tony, April and Adam Carr
Selfie. The cinema was a great idea. The invites were ticket stubs.

Saturday 23rd August 2014
Caz and James's Wedding
St Kentigern's (Manchester)
I took just one pic because a hard drive failed that night. No one noticed, just a slight delay AND SHOCK until I switched to my backup. It was during set up so I decided the camera can (mostly) stay in my bag that night. My set-up order is, sound, light's, smart clothes then my camera if there's time. Which depends on running order, other acts, access and venue. And, of course, whether or not the bride and groom mind me taking photo's.

Friday 22nd August 2014
Flic and Chris's Wedding
Chancellor's (Manchester)
Cake Cutting
Cake cutting.
There are some good friends of mine in this picture, so I was a little closer than I'd normally be. I think Oasis was playing.
Chris's profile pic (at time of writing). I love it when that happens.

Saturday 16th August 2014
Zoe and Simon's Wedding
High Lane Village Hall (Stockport)
Simon, Adam and Zoe
Great couple. We're laughing cause this picture took about ten minutes to take. It was the end of the night - hence me with no tie on. And steri-strips from falling off stage in Devon.
Disco lights. Like a moth to a flame.
Children seem to love my lights.
The Speeches. Very heartfelt, a lot of time went into those.

We were hugely impressed by how much effort you went to, to provide us with a bespoke DJ service for our wedding. We really enjoyed meeting up with you beforehand and discussing exactly what we wanted, and the music. You went the extra yards for us, turning up so early and taking photos, and just little things like the sound effects for the quiz! We really enjoyed fooling everyone into thinking that we were going to have a cheesey first dance too. We had an absolutely unforgettable day, and you played a big part in that, making sure that we had a few special tracks, but also doing an amazing job of sensing what kind of music we wanted. We will happily recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again!


Simon and Zoe

Friday 15th August 2014
Mark's 21st
English Martyr's (Manchester)
College buddy
College friends brother's 21st. Great family I've worked for many times over the years.

Sunday 10th August 2014
LeAnne and Ste's Wedding
Norton Grange (Rochdale)
Fireworks projected during first dance
Ste proposed during a fireworks display. That very display I projected behind their first dance. It was a beautiful moment.
End of the first dance
Father and Daughter embrace at the end of the first dance.
Father and Daughter dance
Father and Daughter dance.

Saturday 9th August 2014
Hannah and Darryll's Wedding
Samlesbury Hall (Preston)
Camera's capturing the first dance.
Everyone gathered round for the first dance.
Beyonce - Single Ladies
Single Ladies dance from Hannah.
Big wave
Everyone sat right at the end. I've never seen it happen before. So I took a pic. The singing went on for ages. It's nice to have a little entertaining as I'm packing up.

Friday 8th August 2014
I was DJ'ing a wedding for Dancefloor Couture Wedding
Crabwall Manor (Chester)
First dance. Everyone gathered.
I like how everyone is gathered around the dancefloor. I love the smart phone in the bottom corner.

Tuesday 5th August 2014
DJ'ing for The University of Manchester's MAP Summer School
Dalton Ellis Hall's (Manchester)
I love the MAP events. The staff work really hard and the 15-18 year olds love it. They have tons of energy.

Saturday 2nd August 2014
Claire's 30th
Restaurant (Manchester)
Claire from college
I went to the same college as Claire. Same clubs, same music so I enjoyed many parts of her night. Great family too.

Friday 1st August 2014 Janet and Peter's Wedding
The Plough (Congleton)
Party Balloon.
I love popping these on cue.
Bride and Groom and helpers.
Family and Friends
Peter was taking selfie's all night. I got one too.

Thursday 31st July 2014
DJ'ing for The University of Manchester's MAP Summer School
Hulme Hall (Manchester)
Kate from Groove Thing
Kate, from Groove Thing. Great function band. She sang with them at her wedding. I DJ'd - I'm not much of a singer.

Tuesday 22nd July 2014
DJ'ing for The University of Manchester's MAP Summer School
Hulme Hall (Manchester)

Saturday 19th July 2014
Becky and Mark's Wedding
Private Residence (Eccleston)
One of my favourite out of all the photo's I've taken.
This was Mark's profile picture for a little while. I love it when that happens. It's one of my favourites.
Howard Wing Impression
I was trying to do an impression of Howard Wing. I've a few impression ideas from other wedding professionals in mind. So watch this space. Howard said I need more height.
2015 Groom
Photo-bomber - I will be DJ'ing for Liam in March 2015. Him and Thilo can be seen in the first picture.

Sunday 13th of July 2014
Ramona's Christening
St Edmund's (Walkden)
2006 Bride.
Carolyn and Ramona - I rewound her parents 1st dance from Saturday 29th of April 2006. Together in Electric Dreams.

Saturday 12th July 2014
Mirium and Neal'sWedding
Davyhulme Park Golf Club (Trafford)
Wedding Party Group Shot
I stole a quick one from the group shot.
First Dance
First dance.
Neal, Adam Carr and Mirium
A great couple and a pleasure to work for.

Thursday 10th July 2014
Martine and Gary's Wedding
Regency Suite (Wallasey)
#Selfie and Feedback

We gave Adam a detailed list of the songs we wanted. He mixed this with guests requests for a wonderful wedding evening. Me and the new wife danced til the end. Book him now. You won't be disappointed. Gary and Martine.

More feedback here

Wednesday 9th July 2014
DJ'ing for The University of Manchester's MAP Summer School
Hulme Hall (Manchester)
University of Manchester Team
Great team. I love working for the University.

Saturday 6th July 2014
Trina's 40th
Red Hall Hotel (Bury)
First cocktail of the night.
First cocktail of the night.

Sunday 29th June 2014
Holy Communion Celebration
Private residence (Hale)
Daniel Kiloran
Wedding photographer Daniel Kiloran.

Saturday 28th June 2014
Michelle and Paul's Wedding
Mytonn Fold (Blackburn)
First dance kiss
First dance kiss.
2014-06-28 17.40.18
My set-up in the room.
Gear shot
Wedding Cake.

Friday 27th June 2014
Emma and Tom's Wedding
Rookery Hall (Cheshire)
First dance
First dance.
Thank-you to evening guests
A quick thank-you to the evening guests. We can schedule that in if you like.
The dress.
The dress.

Saturday 21st June 2014
Emily and OJ's Wedding
Cranage Hall (Cheshire)
Emily, OJ and Havana.
Emily, OJ and Havana.
Dimmed lights
Lights dimmed.
Rambo ties.
Tie's around the head. Unbelievable night.

Saturday 14th June 2014
Sam and Ross's Wedding
Chorlton Irish (Manchester)
First dance.
First dance.
Bride and Groom Seflie.

Saturday 7th July 2014
NFDC Summer Charity Ball
Carden Park (Chester)
I've played at Carden Park a good few times. The Rush played that night. They are awesome.
2014-06-08 01.35.07
End of the night selfie. Bit late for taking photo's but never mind, sometimes that's when the best one get taken.

Friday 6th June 2014
Lisa and Paul'sWedding
Davenport Green (Hale Barns)
2014-06-06 19.08.26
Speeches. I quickly rigged something up because there was a slight technical problem. Always happy to help.
Father and Daughter dance.
2014-06-07 00.59.39
Lisa - Gorgeous.

Thursday 5th June 2014
Jen and Tony's Wedding
Radisson Blu Edwardian formerly Free Trade Hall (Manchester)
Jen and Tony learnt a choreographed piece for there first dance.

Saturday 31st May 2014
Abigail and Michael's Wedding
Broadfield Hotel (Rochdale)
Dancefloor by
Stealing the video mans light for a picture.
Hands up. Lots of dancing that night.

Sunday 25th May 2014
Jo and Dave's Wedding
Hyde Bank Farm (Stockport)
I played here twice in 2014. There's a great atmosphere in that space.

Saturday 24th May 2014
Theresa and Tristan's Wedding
The Deanwater (Cheshire)
2014-05-25 01.49.05
Barry has been wedding co-ordinator there for years. He really makes a huge difference. Over many years I have only heard fantastic things about him.

Adam thank you so much for the wonderful job you did our wedding. We had a fantastic night and everyone loved it.
Thank you again
Theresa & Theresa

Friday 23rd May 2014
Ashley and Neil's Joint 30th
Sale Masonic Hall (Cheshire)
2014-05-24 00.39.50
Selfie photobombed. I played Earth Angel from Back to The Future that night.

Sunday 18th May 2014
Tim's 50th Part Two
Red Hall Hotel (Bury)
2014-05-18 21.52.41
Anita Ryan is available to sing at Ceremonies or Events she's a great laugh too.

Saturday 17th May 2014
Tim's 50th Part One
Abbey House Hotel (Cumbria)
Top Irish Comedian Brendan Grace.
Martin (a guest) singing with John McNicholl's Band.
2014-05-17 21.24.33
John McNicholl. One of my favourite Country and Irish Entertainers.
Me, sometimes I have a third disco ball behind which looks nice. But there's not always space. I find my lights are adaptable and can be used ina variety of ways in a variety of spaces.

I also try to be approachable - as in, not hidden behind a fortress of equipment. That way I can take requests and sometimes find out little nuggets of information.

Saturday 10th May 2014
I was DJ'ing for Dancefloor Couture
Ramada Plaza (Southport)
Mr Stix. An entertainer in his own right. His dueling pianos act (from London) were incredible.

Sunday 4th May 2014
Clare and Dave's Wedding
Stirk House (Clitheroe)
No photo's from me. Here are David Stubb's - he's a fantastic Wedding Photographer.

Saturday 3rd May 2014
Donna and Dave's Wedding
Farington Lodge (Preston)
Tempting, but I didn't eat the cake.
First dance.
Everyone gathered around for the great moment.

Saturday 26th April 2014
Jade and Jack's Wedding
Marriott Worsley Park Golf Club (Manchester)
First dance. Everyone joined in really quick.
DSC_6194 RAW
Last dance.
Rob from Dancefloor Couture who provided the chess board dancefloor.

Friday 25th April 2014 Nicky and David's Wedding
Stockport Town Hall
5915 B+W
First dance. Everyone ate in the big room with huge ceiling. Mark from The Live Piano Expereince and his wife preformed at the ceremony. Then everyone partied in the smaller room. That's a great way to do it if your venue and numbers allow. Mark's fingers were slipping off the keys because the children kept blowing bubbles at him. He's a great sport and he played on half an hour because the times slipped a little behind.

Nicky's sister told me that this photo perfectly summed up her relationship with her dad. That meant a lot.

There's a bride and sister dance on my Facebook Page.

Saturday 19th April 2014
Maggie and Lee's Wedding
Peckforton Castle (Cheshire)
2014-04-19 16.34.55-1
The toastmaster was struggling to get guests seated because of the sunshine. gorgeous day all round.
2014-04-19 16.33.07-1
Doves. There was falconry as the guests arrived.
2014-04-19 21.57.34-1
I only took one picture on my phone. I was in the corner and the band were in the other corner. Marlyn Pictures did some video. And Ian Marshall from Scarlet Ribbon took the stills.

Adam was our DJ for our wedding in April at peckforton castle.. I can not recommend him enough he was brilliant from the moment we met him thank you Adam for making our night a great one everyone had a ball true professional xxx

Saturday 5th April 2014
Mother of the bride's 50th
Chorlton Golf Club (Manchester)

Saturday 29th March 2014
I was DJ'ing for Dancefloor Couture DJ this night, it was amazing
Samlesbury Hall (Preston)
How cool is Dan? Both particular about music. I had to bring my A game.
2014-03-30 03.03.02
End of the night. I really should take the photo before taking off my tie.

Friday 28th March 2014
I was DJ'ing for Dancefloor Couture DJ this night
Ferraris Country House (Preston)

Sunday 23rd March 2014
Verity and Mike's Wedding
La Belle Epoque (Knutsford)
Incredible Venue. Verity and Mike were so funny. We had should a great laugh planning their wedding and on the day too.
Martin and Charlotte who were married in May 2011. I'm glad I played The Charlatan's for Mike that night. It got me a great gig!

Saturday 22nd March 2014
Captain's Drive-in
Heyrose Golf Club (Knutsford)
Such a great bunch.

Friday 21st March 2014
Wedding DJ for Dancefloor Couture
Crabwall Manor (Chester)

1st Dance.

Monday 17th March 2014
St Patrick's Day
O'Shea's (Manchester)

2014-03-18 03.08.30
Sean from Green Hot Clover. Great friend and one of the best wedding bands around.

Sunday 16th March 2014
Manchester Irish Parade Day
Irish World Heritage Centre (Manchester)

2014-03-16 16.24.11
Selfie at The Irish World Heritage Centre.
2014-03-16 16.32.37
Pipe Band.

Saturday 15th March 2014
Ashleigh and Daniel's Wedding
Swinton Park Golf Club (Manchester)

First Dance.

Tuesday 11th March 2014
Ted Fest
O'Neils (Preston)

2014-03-11 21.50.35 cropped
Lovely Ladies. It's a Father Ted thing. Funny night. I did another one there quite recently.

Friday 14th February 2014
Bridie's Birthday
Hough End Police Club (Manchester)

Me with Anita Ryan at her mum's party. Her band performed that night.

Saturday 8th February 2014
Holly and Ged's 30th
Tarporley Cricket Club (Altrincham)

Great friends.
2014-02-07 15.34.12
They took a chance on my DJ'ing skills in the early days. I'm grateful.

Saturday 18th January 2014
Helen's 30th
The Sycamore (Stalybridge)
Helen, we went to college together. We keep saying me must meet up.

Friday 17th January 2014
Sound Engineering for the Legend that is Davey Arthur from The Furey's fame.
Lounge Ceol (Altrincham)
As soon as he sang in sound check that iconic voice shone out.

Friday 3rd January 2014
Rach and Andy Newham's Wedding
Malmasion (Liverpool)


Hi Adam,

Sorry I’m only getting in touch with you now – we have only recently gotten back from our mini moon to Scotland and now back to work boo hoo!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the music in the evening. The night time was everything I wanted it to be and more and this was down to you and the music played! The dance floor was always packed even when the room had just opened! Everyone has given us feedback on how great the music was and a lot of people have asked me for your details for future events. I know my friend Lyndsey will be contacting you about her wedding in 2015 as she loved the evening so much.

When we were in Scotland all we did was talk about the wedding and we remembered events through the songs. We were saying ‘Do you remember when this song was on and so and so did the funny dance in the circle!’ It was such a great evening I really enjoyed it. I really wanted to dance all night with Andy and my friends and that’s exactly what I did. Our friends love dance offs and trying to break dance after a few drinks and with the great music we certainly had the opportunity to do that!

Thanks once again for everything Adam – really appreciate it! It’s my 30th next year and if I’m not knocked up by then I will defo be having a party so may be in touch again with you then.

Rach and Andy

So 2014 has been a fun-filled year.

Here's 2013 and earlier.